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Fitness at the Lido Fitness Club is an attractive, motivating and inspiring environment for movement and healthy living that offers:

• various workout group programs as: Aero & Functional Step, Aerobics, Tabatha & Body Pump, Circuit Training, Aqua-aerobics.

• family discounts

• FREE trial visit.

• GYM – a spacious area up to 600 sqm with modern equipment

• Finnish and infrared sauna

• Personal fitness and swimming trainers

• Different types of subscriptions depending on customer needs

• Corporate solutions for small, medium or large companies and flexible payment made by the employee, company or mix between them.



Unlimited subscription (1 month)
Subscription 16 sessions (2 months)
БЕЗЛИМИТНЫЙ абонемент (3 месяца )
Unlimited subscription (3 months)
Unlimited subscription “OFF-TIME”(3 months) (13.00-17.00)
Unlimited subscription (6 months)
Unlimited subscription “OFF-TIME”(6 months) (13.00-17.00)
“OFF-TIME” (30 sessions) (6 months)
Subscription 30 sessions (6 months)
Subscription 30 sessions (6 months)children
1 session
1 session for children (from 5 years)
1 individual session
Subscription of 5 individual sessions
Subscription of 10 individual sessions
Subscription of 12 individual sessions

We are looking forward you to become our member! For information or signing up for a FREE visit, please contact us at:
 +373 795 000 11

This opportunity is a method of stopping the subscription's validity for a certain period of time when one of the members can not use the services included in the subscription.
Subscription for 1-2 months – the freezing period up to 5-10 days
Subscription for 3 months - freezing period up to 15 days
Subscription for 6 months - freezing period up to 30 days

fitness, lidolux


fitness, lidolux