Leave the organization  for professionals. For this reason we offer you our professional help in preparation and carrying out of action of any level of complexity.

The Conference hall “LIDO” represents an ideal platform for the majority of the business actions passing in the north of Republic, whether it be presentation, seminars, the congresses, symposiums or is simple negotiations.

The Conference hall “LIDO” is a specialized premise for conferences, here you can find all necessary for productive work: the specific equipment (flipchart, a projector, the screen, the laptop, video equipment, etc.), the Internet connection, correctly put light, air conditioning system, organically organized space, convenient places for placing of participants and acting.

Choosing a conference hall in Beltsy it is necessary to consider set of factors: convenience of the place, a way of an entrance and a safe arrangement of motor transport, a maximum quantity of the participants, special requirements to the organization and conference carrying out etc. The Important condition of successful action is organization possibility in a conference hall “LIDO” coffee-breaks.

The Conference hall in hotel "LIDO" is the optimal and convenient decision for : the international and local conferences. Visitors come from other cities or other countries and can be placed in four-stars hotel "LIDO" with a conference hall where they can work and have a rest most fruitfully, without spending time for moving from hotel in business centre or other conference hall, and back. It is especially valuable, when terms of stay of visitors in northern capital of Moldova are minimum (one day or weekends).

Thus, if you intend to collect your regional dealers or your partners — to thank them for cooperation, to remind them of yourselves; or simply to organize presentation for your new production, and you would like everyting to be passed at high level – at your service the Conference hall of the Hotel Complex “LIDO”.

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